October 2013 Meeting Report

At the October meeting the main topic of discussion was the recently released iOS 7. Several members had downloaded the new operating system on a variety of devices including iPhone 5, iPhone 4 and iPad. Key features demonstrated were:

  • Control Center

  • Blocking of calls and messages from unwanted contacts.

  • New camera features including square photos, filters and easy access to HDR.

  • New Safari features including bookmarks available in new tabs and easy access to Private browsing.
    DaveK pointed out a some handy tips on the iOS 7 keyboard:

  • When entering a URL or e-mail address, the .com button is no longer available on the keyboard. However, if you touch and hold the full stop (.) button a selection of top level domains (including .co.uk and .com) are displayed for you to select from.

  • To quickly enter a number in the middle of entering text, press and hold on the number key (123) then drag your finger to a number and let go. The selected number will then be entered and the keyboard switched back to text mode saving two taps.
    DavidB has produced a video demonstrating some of the new iOS 7 features and tips on setup:


It was mentioned that the iOS game Temple Run Oz is currently available for free via the Apple Store app. Free downloads are regularly offered via the Apple Store app so it’s worth keeping an eye on. DaveK showed us Temple Run 2 (the base game, Temple Run Oz is themed after the film Oz the Great and Powerful) to give an idea of how this type of endless runner game works.

The meeting also included a discussion of the month’s Apple news including: