January 2013 Meeting Report

January saw the first SEAL meeting of the new year and what a meeting it was. First we kicked off with the boring yet very important stuff of committee elections. Without a good and solid committee we cannot continue to be a successful club now and in the future. Our thanks goes out to all those who put their names up for election and to ‘Ben’ who put his name foward to head-up our new programme committee team.

Much was talked about the success of Glassboard that we are now using to discuss any given subject. One might say why don’t you simply use Email to communicate! The reason: Glassboard is private, no Email address are sheared between users of the Glassboard group, just names, that way everyone stays happy.

The Club Logo: John has been working very hard trying to create a new logo for SEAL, one that all members would be happy to be associated with. As always with these things it is difficult to please all people all the time. We all agree we now have the final version one that we would be proud to wear on a club T-shirt. Our thanks to you John for all his efforts.

SEAL Test Website: David has been working on a new Website for the club but found that if he updated the WordPress template, he would lose much of what he had done, so he needed to create a ‘Child’ before the template update installation. He had created a ‘Child’ that would have worked but for a small format error which has now been rectified by club members. David has now put back the hair that he had pulled out over the last few days and is now smiling again!

Demonstration: John provided us all with a very interesting demonstration, on the latest version of 1Password for IOS devices by AgileBits  It was quite clear that this award winning 1Password application is safe and a very secure application that uses industry standard encryption, 1Password is used by many thousands around the world. So why use 1Password a member asked, John showed why and how you only need ‘One Password’ for all your logins, he pointed out that you don’t even have to know your password for you favorite sites, so long as you remember your ‘Master Password’ for 1Password, the application will do the rest.

John went on to show how to make your passwords so complicated by using the password generator without fear because it does not matter, you never need to know or even remember the generated password but it does matter to any potential ‘Hacker’ because it would probably take them thousands of years to ‘Crack’ your password. We saw how easy it is to store important documents, such as images of your passport, birth certificate, secure notes in fact, just about anything that you want to store, just in case you need them quick.

All this may sound a bit scary to you, by having just one password for everything! Don’t be scared, it is a safe product to use, do your research then if you’r happy, buy 1Password 4.1 currently available from the IOS App Store at the introductory price of £5.49 with just one purchase you will enable to install it on your iPhone and iPad.

The next SEAL meeting will be Friday, February 8.