October 2012 Meeting Report

South Essex Apple Link October 2012 Report.

The October meeting had a lot to offer, what with the new iPhone being released in late September and iOS6.

iPhone 5 Sells 5M on Launch Weekend
Exceeds the 4M sold by the iPhone 4S. The new iPod touch and iPod nano are now also available. iFixIt Teardown available: http://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/iPhone-5-Teardown/10525/1

Many members were quite vocal about what they see as falling quality standards on Apple hardware and software, general feeling was that Apple have been at the very top of the market for a long time giving the buying public what they want but now the competition is is getting tougher, Apple is rushing to get stuff out to the waiting public. We have always relied on Apple to provide a quality product but in the last year or so standards do appear to have slipped, to the point that Tim Cook wrote an open letter of apology to Apple’s customers stating that Maps fell short of their usual commitment to deliver the best experience.

He stated that customers using Maps and submitting feedback will help the product improve feedback can be submitted within the Maps App. In the meantime he evensuggests that customers try mapping products from other companies including Nokia and Google. Then on the other hand, the Taiwanese government thinks Apple Maps is too good, they’ve asked for one of their sensitive radar installations to be blurred out!

Apple TV 5.1 Update
Free software update for 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TV
Subscribe to Shared Photo Streams, a new iCloud feature. Support for sending sound to Air Play speakers and devices. Search for movie trailers.
Switch quickly between multiple iTunes accounts, New screensaver options, ability to reorder menu buttons. Other minor improvements.