Installing Zoho Connect on Mac

On the Mac the Zoho Connect service is accessed via the browser. To make it easier to use SEAL Help! we recommend the following…

Adding SEAL Help! to the dock

  1. In your Documents folder, create a new folder named Web Links
  2. Download the SEAL Help! Icon
  3. Open the Downloads folder, and open the SEAL Help folder within it
  4. Drag the SEAL Help! icon to the Web Links folder
  5. Now, drag the SEAL Help! icon from the Web Links folder to the right hand-side of the Dock (past the dividing line)

The SEAL Help Icon in the Dock

Saving the SEAL Help! password in Safari

  1. Click the SEAL Help! icon on the dock that you just created.
  2. Zoho Connect loads in Safari.
  3. Sign in using you e-mail address and password.
  4. Click Save Password when prompted.

Saving the Zoho Connect password in Safari

Now you have SEAL Help! readily accessible, move on to Using SEAL Help! on Mac.