Spotlight and More

The March meeting was held on Friday the 9th. At this meeting members shared a number of tips and smaller demonstrations including Spotlight and macOS dictation.

Searching for Files using Spotlight

Robert demonstrated some useful tips for locating hard-to-find files on your Mac using Spotlight. Some of the tips he mentioned were:

  • View the location of a selected file in the Spotlight results by holding the Command key.
  • Drag items from the Spotlight results to copy them.
  • Use “Show all in Finder” at the bottom of the results list to see more results and get more searching options.
  • In the Finder, use filters to home in on the files you want.
  • Find additional search attributes to filter on by selecting the “Other…” option.

Apple have these useful support articles on using Spotlight with more details:
Search with Spotlight
Narrow your searches with Spotlight and Finder


DavidB has made a new tips video on macOS Dictation which we watched and discussed at the meeting.

Organising with Notes

DaveK briefly recapped his demonstration of using the Apple Notes app for organisation from the August meeting for members who weren’t able to attend. A few notes on this are available in the August meeting report.


We also discussed some of the month’s Apple news stories: