New Features in Pages

At the May meeting, held on the 12th, DavidK demonstrated some new features recently added to Apple’s Pages word processor and we helped a member explore YouTube’s video enhancements.


DavidK demonstrated new features recently added to Pages, Apple’s wordprocessor. He pointed out that Pages is now available as a free download for anyone running the current version of macOS or iOS. The features he demonstrated included:

  • Bookmarks to allow linking to another part of the same document and easier navigation within the document while editing.
  • Mathematical equations using either LaTeX or MathML notation.
  • Support for Touch ID to quickly open password protected documents.
  • Find and replace fonts within a document.
  • Import and export documents in RTF format.
  • Leader lines in pie chats.
  • Functions to get current and historical stock market prices in tables.
  • Customisation of date, time and currency formatting.

Apple has articles detailing what’s new in Pages for Mac and Pages for iOS.

David also brought along printed examples of the templates supplied with Pages to highlight the many types of great looking documents that can be easily produced.


We helped a SEAL member explore the enhancements and other tools available on YouTube for existing videos that have already been uploaded. While limited, these include adding cards to link to other videos or sites, various video enhancements and changing the soundtrack.


In our news discussion we talked about:


Robert mentioned the web site which has an interesting visual calendar of all Apple keynotes since 1997 with details such as who presented and what was announced.