January 2014 Meeting Report

The January meeting included the SEAL Annual General Meeting. The committee was re-elected for another year, thanks to the committee members for standing. The AGM included reports from the Chairman and Treasurer and a useful discussion of plans for the coming year.

We watched and discussed the iOS 7 tip videos on In-App Purchases and Location Services that DavidB has recently made. DavidK gave us a demo of the iOS game BADLAND which was picked as one of Apple’s Best of iTunes 2013.

Apple’s Best of iTunes doesn’t cover the Mac App Store. The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) have a long list of best Mac Apps of 2013 so if you’re looking for Mac Apps that might be worth a gander.

Robert then demonstrated some of the changes to Notifications in OS X Mavericks including some features that are less obvious like notifications from web sites, selectable “snooze” time for calendar and reminder alerts (click and hold the Snooze button) and the configurable do-not-disturb period. A complete list of new Mavericks features (including Notifications and much more) can be found on Apple’s See everything the new OS X can do page.

We also had a brief news discussion, this included: