May 2013 Meeting Report

The May meeting took place in the new venue which along with the interesting topics and discussions during the evening was well received by all attendees.

The evening started off with some club announcements:

  • The club had some flyers printed which are now available for members to help promote and advertise the club in their local areas. This is also downloadable from SEAL Flyer A6
  • Club member Denesh explained that SEAL had set up affiliate links with various suppliers - a way for people to help the club raise funds through purchases they make via links associated with SEAL. The purchases would not cost extra, just that SEAL makes a commission. The SEAL website will soon be updated to include a section with Affiliate links to Apple’s iTunes, Mac App Store, iOS App Store, iBook Store and various other suppliers.
  • The June meeting would contain a section called ‘Show & Tell’ where club members would be invited to quickly showcase a product or software they really like. Members could either do this impromptu or think about it over the coming month prior to the June meeting.

Next up was Apple related news and discussion. News items consisted of:

  • WWDC 10-14th June, sells out in 2 minutes
  • Countdown to 50 Billion downloads from the App Store
  • Apple celebrates a decade of the iTunes Store
  • Rumours: iOS 7 “deforstallization” and OS X 10.9 features
  • Apple Q2 Results, increased income but reduced profit over last year
  • Jonathan Ive Named as one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential people
  • Safari 6.0.4 allows Java security changes
  • Anonymised Siri voice clips stored by Apple for up to two years
  • Replacement programme for 3rd generation Apple TVs with Wi-Fi connectivity issues
  • Working Apple 1 may fetch $240K-$400K
  • Adobe drops Creative Suite development in favour of Creative Cloud
  • Phishing e-mail targets Apple IDs and credit card info

Next up was a feature presentation by club member Ben, on DJing on a Mac. He demonstrated the application called djay by algoriddim for this.

The in-depth demonstration included Ben mixing through some 80s and 90s music to show the powerful features of the application and how to achieve required results.

The application is available on Mac OS X, iOS for iPhone and iOS for iPad (a snip at the prices) and can be downloaded via the following Mac App Store and iOS App Store links:


djay for MacOSX by algoriddim - £13.99


djay for iPhone by algoriddim - £0.69


djay for iPad by algoriddim - £2.99

The second presentation of the night was given by club member David. He gave an explanation about Newsreaders and then gave a walkthrough and demonstration of Feedly which one may use in any browser, in Feedly for Safari via an extension, Feedly for iPhone or Feedly for iPad

Not only does Feedly display the information in an attractive yet intuitive format, it also keeps the necessary data synchronised across all the devices you use to access the news feeds.

The night closed with the interactive Q&A section - attendees helping each other by answering questions posed by other attendees.

The next SEAL meeting will be on Friday 14 May at the current new venue:

The Wick Community Centre
Silva Island Way
Salcott Crescent
SS12 9NR.

Click here for the map.

Some of the links in this article redirect you to the Mac App Store and iOS App Store via affiliate links. Please note that SEAL is a promotional partner with the affiliate network TradeDoubler and any sales via these links benefit SEAL at no extra cost to the purchaser, and provide a way for readers and members to support the club.