March 2013 Meeting Report

The March meeting was well attended with some new visitors in the audience chatting with our enthusiastic club members. New visitors and new skills are always welcome at our club.

Apple related news and discussion. News items consisted of:

  • Retina MacBook Pro line updated with new processors
  • Prices reduced on 13” Retina MacBook Pro and high-end Air
  • Apple patents microslot antenna technology
  • “Every Steve Jobs Video” Channel on YouTube
  • iOS 6.1 bug enables passcode lock bypass (6.1.3 in beta to fix)
  • Officially licensed Lightning to USB cables now available
  • Documentary partially shot on iPhone wins an Oscar
  • Jonathan Ive receives Gold Blue Peter badge
  • Evernote force an extensive password reset after systems are hacked

Feature presentation given by club member Ben, provided us with a deep look into Aperture, far deeper than some had ever dared go before.

We were shown how to lighten and enhance colours in an image, how to repair and lose blemishes in a photo - for example, a spec of dust on your lens by using the retouch tool the image was transformed from spoilt photograph into a stunning panoramic view of a coastline. The use of ‘Presets’ was also very interesting.

We were shown many great features of Aperture. ‘Lift & Stamp’, where you lift ‘Metadata’ from one photo and apply it to another. How to enhance the colour of the sky or the trees and grass, ‘Crop’, ‘Straighten’ and ‘Sharpen’ tools, the use of ‘Keywords’ in Aperture, all were of great interest.

We all thank Ben for the demonstration of an impressive application that clearly has so much to offer for under £60 and hope that Ben will provide us with another demonstration of the many features within Aperture.


The night closed with the interactive Q&A section.


The next SEAL meeting will be on Friday, April 12