August 2012 Meeting Report

At the August meeting we discussed the month’s Apple news including iTunes movies in the cloud (now available in the UK), Apple gaining control of the domain and the rumours of an iPhone announcement on the 12th of September.

We then talked about the widely reported hack on Wired reporter Mat Honan which lead to the breach of several of his accounts including his Apple iCloud account. As well as being an interesting story this hack has some important lessons on how one vulnerable account can let a hacker into many others and the potential consequences.

The bulk of the meeting consisted of a presentation of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion by Dave and Robert. Dave showed many of the new features of the OS including some smaller ones members might not have heard about. Features that sparked particular interest were Dictation, the Safari 6 “Omnibar” and the Gatekeeper security system. Robert then gave a more in-depth look at Notification Centre.

At future meetings we’ll cover some other aspects of Mountain lion in more detail. If you’re interesting in finding out more, Ars Technica have an excellent review covering the OS in great detail.