iOS 17

At our 20th October meeting, we looked at new features in iOS 17 and talked about the new iPhones.

iPhone 15

Robert talked about getting a new iPhone 15 and some of the accessories he got for it:

DaveK pointed out that Lightning to USB-C adapters are available such as this Apple one.

iOS 17

Robert demonstrated some of the new features of iOS 17 including:

  • Stand By
  • Visual lookup of symbols (such as laundry symbols) in photos.
  • Quick crop in photos.
  • Automatic blurring to extend wallpaper photos.
  • Screen distance warning.
  • Multiple timers.
  • 80% battery charge limit on iPhone 15 models.
  • 72 hour grace period when you set a new passcode (this can be immediately expired in settings).
  • Camera level option.

Apple have a PDF detailing all the new iOS 17 features. Mac Rumors also have a comprehensive guide with articles covering many of the new features.

DaveK mentioned adding recovery and legacy contacts for your Apple account.

DavidB mentioned that once you have synced your iPhone to your Mac you can then sync via Wifi.

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