Backup Options

At our meeting held on the 28th May we discussed backing up your Mac, concentrating on how common backup options fit in with iCloud and other cloud file storage/sharing services. Members also contributed a range of tips and suggestions.

Backup Options

Robert talked about Mac backup options and how they compliment iCloud and other cloud file storage and synchronisation services. He covered:

Apple have a page on Mac backup that summarises the options available.

During the discussion, Ben mentioned that Amazon Photos offers unlimited photo storage for Prime members and Chronosync, which can keep files synced between drives.

In macOS Big Sur Apple added support for Time Machine on the newer APFS disk format. Mac World have an article discussing this option. DavidK mentioned that APFS is likely to be more space efficient for backups and this article from The Eclectic Light Company indicates that is indeed the case.

Robert noted that many Mac apps give the option to restore earlier versions of documents.

Member Suggestions