Passwords and Security, Quiz of the Year

The December SEAL meeting, held on Friday the 11th, was the last SEAL meeting of 2015. Members brought along a selection of food to share. Robert kicked off the meeting with a Quiz of the year’s Apple news which was followed up by a presentation by DavidK on Passwords and Security.

Quiz of the Year’s Apple News

Robert compiled this quiz which covered Apple related happenings during 2015. There were 16 questions in total with the winners being DavidB and Ben who both scored an impressive 14.5 out of 16.

One of the quiz questions mentioned information have came out of the Apple/Samsung patent trial that was settled this year. BGR has an interesting article summarising this including some interesting photos of iPhone prototypes.

Passwords and Security

Dave’s presentation covered several of the ways your passwords and on-line accounts can be vulnerable to attack. For each method he gave some suggestions that can reduce the risk.

A key point was not to use the same password for different accounts, however one problem with this is the need to remember multiple passwords. A way around this is to use a password utility. Dave and several other members recommended 1Password from Agile Bits.