This meeting was held on Friday, 12th June, 2015. We discussed the announcements made at Apple’s WWDC keynote and had a presentation on the in-development SEAL App.


The main topic for this meeting was Apple’s announcements at the World Wide Developer Conference keynote which was held earlier in the week:


DavidK gave us one of his regular updated on the development of an iOS app for SEAL. This time he talked about the help-guide section and showed how a developer can include data (in this case HTML pages) inside their app. David used the bootstrap framework to quickly produce attractive looking HTML pages that will properly scale to suit various device screen sizes. He also showed how a developer may develop a helper app for their own use to assist with managing app data and to avoid mistakes which may occur when manually editing configuration files.

Apple Watch

Two members brought along their Apple watches, one in Space Grey aluminium and the other in Stainless Steel. It was interesting to see how different the watch looks in the two finishes even though the underlying design is the same.

While talking about the watches it was mentioned that it is possible to load music directly to the watch and then listen using bluetooth headphones without an iPhone.

News Discussion

In addition to the WWDC discussion we also talked about some other news: